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The first year of the Ondřej Pavelec Hockey School

The premiere event sponsored by the Ondřej Pavelec Hockey School will take place in Uherské Hradiště between the 29th June and the 5th July 2013. Uherské Hradiště was chosen deliberately. The advantage it offers is not only a modern renovated stadium, but also an entire sports complex where ideal conditions for comprehensive preparation are practically located in a single location.

Each day, the hockey-school participants will not only have two training units on the ice and another two on land, but also a lot of other sports activities for the comprehensive development of their individual skills. Also taken-for-granted are regeneration and entertainment in the familiar local Aquapark, which is located just a few dozen metres away from the Winter Stadium. Both accommodation and catering are available in the immediate vicinity of the sports grounds, which also contributes to the smooth running of the school. In this manner the children will spend all their time conducting their sports activities and not have to make lengthy transitions.

The location of Uherské Hradiště and its accessibility could be appealing not only for all the hockey hopes of the Czech Republic but also for those from Slovakia.

The hockey school is accessible to both boys and girls from when they are 10 years of age.

An interesting bonus is being made available for the participants in the first year of Ondřej Pavelec's Hockey School. At the beginning of the cycle they will be able to watch, directly on the ice rink inUherské Hradiště, an exciting exhibition match between the Czech and the Slovak hockey stars.


Date 29.6.- 5.7. 2013
Capacity 80 people
Vacancies 55
Camp 6.500Kč
Price for food 1.550Kč
Accommodation 1.550Kč





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